Alternatives to animal testing

Animal Testing

There is no valid reason today to test products for human use on animals. The alternatives to animal testing are readily available and have proven to be more accurate and reliable than using guinea pigs or rabbits.

Synthetic skin

There are a few options available of models that resemble the physical and chemical structure of human skin. Some of them are three-dimensional real structures and others contain all the mathematical information in a computer.

Scientists have made human cells grow into tiny skin tissue in test tubes in the laboratory. This in vitro possibility allows the cosmeceutical formulator to test for skin corrosivity and irritation. The same test can be done virtually using sophisticated correlation models that look at the reaction of the skin to new substances with an accuracy of 90 to 95%.

Donated skin

It is possible to obtain human skin donated from a cosmetic surgical procedure or even post-mortem. There are companies that place the tissue in kits for the skincare industry to use instead or the cruel rabbit irritation tests.

Microdosing on human volunteers

Microdosing consists in applying very low quantities of a substance on the skin of human volunteers to test the effects at the cellular level. This is a very effective way to look at the reaction of different types of skin to a cosmeceutical product that replaces tests on animals.

In Décaar there is zero animal cruelty

Décaar’s no animal testing policy is in line with our philosophy of creating safe and efficient skincare products and cabin treatments to satisfy the most specific skin types and concerns.