DÉCAAR aspires healthy skin equally: MEN SKINCARE

Decaar for men

Men need their skin to look and feel healthy just like women. They equally deal with issues like skin sensitivity, acne and ageing, skin however varies according to gender. Male skin has some features that differ from female skin and, with regular shaving, it is often treated differently too.

The hormone testosterone determines the masculine characteristics of male skin and gives it a different structure to female skin. While every man’s skin is unique, in general male skin is thicker, oilier and ages differently. Men have larger and more active pores than women and since sebum production is double that of women, the pH is lower, and the skin is prone to impurities and acne. Signs of ageing appear later in male skin, but changes occur more quickly once they start. However, men are most affected by sagging skin combined with puffy eyes and dark circles. What is more, regular shaving makes male skin more stressed. Their skin becomes more sensitive and reacts faster, since it removes the uppermost layer of skin cells exposing immature skin.

DÉCAAR embraces all the differences and provides formulas equally effective for both genders. We have put together basic guidelines that will help any man incorporate the essential steps for a clean and healthy skin.

Know your skin type

This is the first step to schedule your skincare routine. Take a tissue test and see if you have dry, oily or combination skin. Generally, people with oily skin tend to have oil on their t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Check this using a tissue paper and get to know your skin type.


Men should wash their face at least twice a day using a mild cleanser that suits their skin. As the skin tends to get oily throughout the day and block the pores, it is important to follow a regular cleansing routine.


All that dirt and oil accumulated on the face results in blackheads or whiteheads and forms a layer of dead skin. Exfoliation sheds off this layer and brings out a smooth, healthy skin. Scrubbing (exfoliating) should be done 1 – 3 times a week after cleansing, depending on your skin type. Men with oily-type skin should exfoliate more often, while men with sensitive/dry skin should do it less often.


Moisturizing delivers hydration and essential nutrients to skin cells, so they can continue to look full, delivering a youthful, healthy face. It offers a plethora of benefits: it makes the skin firmer, prevents water loss, and has an anti-aging effect.


Nothing will age and damage your skin faster than the sun. If you will be in the sun for longer than 30 minutes, use sunscreen on all exposed parts of your skin. For men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is a great option and should be used daily.