DÉCAAR Eye Rejuvenation

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The eyes are surrounded by the most delicate skin on the entire face. Because the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of our faces, it is much more photosensitive and environmentally sensitive. It is more susceptible to overall issues in the body and since there are fewer oil glands directly beneath the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are shown before elsewhere. Therefore, it requires special and delicate treatment.


Cleansing the eye area as well as removing any eye make-up, is vital before heading to bed. Make-up and pollutants can aggravate the skin and cause puffiness and premature signs of ageing. We recommend DÉCAAR Make-up remover Micellar lotion, an all-in-one smart cleansing product, suitable for all skin areas. It easily removes eye makeup and since it does not contain any soap substances or alcohol, it tones and moisturizes the skin without any irritation.

Eye Creams

One common misconception is that your everyday moisturizer could replace an eye cream. But this couldn’t be further from the truth – it’s essential to use a cream with targeted active ingredients to address specific concerns i.e. puffiness, wrinkles, pigmentation. Eye creams tend to have a lighter texture in order to let the skin breathe, as heavier products will increase fluid retention, fatty deposits, irritation and eye puffiness.

After having cleansed your skin, you should never forget to apply an eye cream, suitable for your specific skin concerns. DÉCAAR cosmetics provide the following two powerful solutions:

Energizing Eye cream

A soft eye cream suitable for all skin types, designed to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Its active ingredients, Horse Chestnut and Arnica Montana, provide relieving, anti-irritant and soothing properties on the skin, leaving it radiant and restored. The ability to improve the microcirculation provides an effective solution against bags and other signs of aging and fatigue around the eye area.

It is recommended to store the eye creams in a cool place in order to improve its effectiveness. Applying an eye cream should always be the last step of your skincare routine. Apply both in the morning and evening by gently patting the eye contour using the ring finger.