Essentiality of Skin Oxygenation

Oxygen Line Gel

Every cell in the body breathes, communicates, grows and reproduces regularly which means it needs to consume a vast amount of oxygen to perform effectively. With the external pollutants and environmental stressors nowadays, they become suffocated and struggle to receive enough oxygen from the bloodstream to function properly.

Oxygen not only encourages the skin to produce more collagen and stay looking youthful for longer, but it is also found to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which could boost the healing process of damaged skin. The preservative free formulations with varying stabilised oxygen strengths and anti-ageing properties can be used on all skin types from the most sensitive to those with severe problem skin such as acne, combination skin, hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

DÉCAAR Oxygen Line offers Oxygenation and Skin Revitalization, with the mixing of the most innovative and effective active ingredients improving skin vitality.


Perfluorodecalin is used in cosmetics and beauty products to dissolve and deliver oxygen to the skin in formulas. It is also used as a skin conditioning agent, detangler, and solvent. Its ability to dissolve oxygen is thought to revitalize skin and reduce wrinkles, increasing the partial pressure of oxygen.


Allantoin is highly regarded for its skin soothing, healing and ability to remove excess skin properties. It helps shed the outer layer of the skin, promotes healthy tissue formation and softens the skin. It is particularly effective at treating wounds, burns, skin ulcers, eczema, and any other abrasion in the skin.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tonic properties. It helps to tighten tiny blood vessels and reduce cell wall permeability, preventing fluid leakage into surrounding tissue and helping to heal wounds.

The health and radiance of our skin relies on oxygen just like the rest of the body does. The DÉCAAR Oxygen Program makes sure that it is protected, so that it can breathe freely and recover from any externalities.