How gels are taking over skincare

There is a gel for every step of your skincare routine. From cleansing to moisturising, gels seem to be taking over other product forms like creams and lotions to cover your skin needs.

Gel cleansers

Gels are efficient and mild when it comes to skin cleansing. They do not produce foam, which means there is no SBS in them. SBS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a substance that tends to cause irritation. Gels cleanse your skin without leaving it feeling stripped. Generally, they are recommended for those with combination or oily skin, but this is all relative depending on how your skin reacts to different formulations.

Gel moisturisers

Gel moisturisers contain fewer emollients and oils than those that are cream-based. They are lightweight in texture and easily absorbed into the skin. They are the perfect alternative if you find creams too strong for your liking — too rich, too heavy, too creamy.

Gel moisturisers are compatible with a variety of skin types but typically their absence of oil makes them extremely compatible with oily and combination skin. This is because they do not add any extra oil to the skin. Instead, they hydrate and moisturize the skin without leaving a film or residue which is especially important in oilier skin types that are prone to shine. Many gel moisturizers are formulated with hyaluronic acid which can deeply hydrate skin.

At Décaar we follow the gel trend

Décaar’s purifying cleansing gel is a gentle cleanser recommended for oily skin. It cleans greasy, irritated skin with clogged pores or signs of acne and it removes dirt, pollution and makeup. Leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and comfortable. One of our moisturising gels is the oxygen gel. It’s an energising recovery gel that keeps the skin looking and feeling hydrated.