Less makeup more skin: the ultimate goal

Natural Exfoliation Scrub

A healthy looking skin needs no masking away. It is never too late to heal those imperfections you have been covering with makeup to conform to social pressures. Let us guide you so you can “Dare to be yourself” and show with pride the result of proper care to your body’s largest organ: the skin.

Say goodbye to concealing every day

Imagine one day waking up and being able to let your skin breathe without having to apply primer, concealer and foundation to cover skin flaws like spots, pimples and under eye bags. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just step out with less makeup and more of a bare healthy looking skin?

Toxins are everywhere

Regardless of where you live, your skin is exposed to toxins from within your body and from your surroundings. In some places, the water carries salts or metals that can contribute to clogged pores or uneven skin colour. Suspended particles in the air that you breathe in, can act as vessels to tiny poisonous substances. And then there is stress, the ultimate source of body toxins. All these particles move around in your bloodstream and there is a high chance for some to damage your, otherwise, flawless skin.

Is it possible to heal years of skin damage?

Cosmeceuticals like those manufactured by Décaar, aim at healing the skin. Exfoliation with natural products like the ones in our Algae Peeling Regime have proven to effectively treat even the most sensitive skin types. By removing dead cells that could result in clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne, you allow the most suitable skincare product to penetrate and actively beautify your skin.