More plant extracts used in Décaar products

PLant extract

Plant extracts are an important ingredient in Décaar’s products. They are gentle on the skin and are very efficient at healing certain skin conditions or slowing ageing signs. Here are five extracts that are part of the formulations of our cosmeceuticals.

Horse chestnut

Used in Décaar’s pH Balancing Lotion and the Energizing Eye-Cream. Packed with an abundance of antioxidants, horse chestnut seed extract protects cells and reduces inflammation, which is linked to anti-ageing effects. It also improves microcirculation in the area around the eyes.


A great natural cure for acne, mint leaf extract is found in Décaar’s Phyto Lotion. Mint is a pimple-fighter thanks to its salicylic acid which also helps with excessive oil. It is also anti-pruritic, meaning mint juice can soothe and calm itchy, infected skin.


Jojoba esters are part of the formulation of Décaar’s Oxygen Scrub. Jojoba oil has been shown to enhance skin’s restorative properties. It also provides topical skin-soothing benefits. Its texture is similar to the oil (sebum) human skin produces, one more reason it’s a brilliant ingredient for dry skin.

Macadamia Oil

Is one of Décaar’s Oxygen Hydro 24hr ingredients. Macadamia oil is extracted from the meat of the nut. It does not clog pores like other oils might do. Your skin happily soaks up the beneficial properties of this oil. Macadamia and Jojoba oils are the closest match to the naturally occurring sebum of the skin. Macadamia oil assists with cell regeneration, contains omega 7 which is beneficial for wound healing and it even has a slight sunscreen effect.

Coconut Oil

Found in Décaar’s Rebalancing Cream 24hr, coconut oil contains caprylic triglyceride, an excellent emollient and skin-replenishing ingredient. It is a gentle oil that moisturises and replenishes the skin.

Five more plant extracts

You can read about the benefits of another five plant extracts found in Décaar products by clicking on this link:

They include Aloe barbadensis, Swiss apple, bearberry, argan oil and green tea.