Protect your skin from the Sun with Décaar

Decaar Sun

Any skincare routine during the day must finish with the application of a sunblock product. It is essential to protect your skin by shielding it from the harsh rays of the Sun. This need is not restricted to the Summer months but it becomes more apparent when we expose ourselves to the warmth of our closest star.

Benefits of applying a sunscreen

Some of the benefits of shielding your skin with a sunscreen are:

  1. Block the harmful rays of the Sun from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders.
  2. Prevent premature skin ageing in the form of wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Prevent sun ray induced damages such as blotchiness, acne and sunburns.
  4. Maintenance of structure of essential skin proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Décaar cosmetics offers the following sunscreen options:

Oxygen Cream SPF 30

A high protective cream with UV filters that keeps the skin looking and feeling hydrated and energised while it can breathe freely. Helps resist against wrinkles and recover from the signs of everyday life. Its active ingredient delivers Oxygen to the skin and improves its vitality.

BB Oxygen Cream SPF 50

This coloured sun cream is quickly absorbed without any greasiness, leaving a refreshing, smooth skin. Its tone changes and adapts to the natural skin colour with natural light. Any freckles, blackheads or dark skin will lighten up.