Skincare for men: Décaar for him too

Skincare for men is based on cleaning and moisturising every day. Past the stage of fighting acne and until the wrinkles appear, every man should have a basic routine for winning the skin game. It is easy to combine it with the regular shave or the grooming of your beard.

Décaar cosmetics are suitable for men as well as for women. You just have to know what your skin type is and start enjoying a healthier skin today. We have put together basic guidelines that will help any man incorporate the so much needed steps for a great looking face.

Cleaning includes exfoliating

The experts recommend cleaning your face twice a day. Having a cleaning product in the shower and/or one next to your beard care or shaving kit will ensure that you remove those dead skin cells that might stick together and can make your face look dull. Dermatologists also recommend exfoliating at least once a week.

Your most likely skin type

Most men have oily skin or a combination, since they have more sebaceous glands than women. Décaar’s Oily and Combination line offers the perfect solution for calming and rebalancing this type of skin, including those with acne problems.


After cleansing you should apply a moisturising product that will depend on your skin type. Always seek advice from a professional. Décaar’s four series of products make it simple to choose the best product to suit your needs.