Taking optimal care of two different skin types

Within your DNA, skin type is defined from birth and can’t be changed. Managing resulting skin conditions however can be changed, and for that DÉCAAR is here to help.

Unpredictable, oily and combination skin can be a tough skin type to care for, with its oily T-Zone, large open pores, dehydrated cheeks and eyes, and sensitivity to certain products.

Making your days easier and more predictable, we’ve designed the following special products to help aid you to calmer, clearer, more even skin you can rely on.


Gently removing excess oil and purifying pores is of the utmost importance, therefore choosing a cleansing milk such as our Cleansing Milk or the gentle Purifying Cleansing gel, will work deeply into your pores, easing congestion and helping to balance natural oils.


A combination must, once to twice a week use a mask to balance the complexion. We recommend DÉCAAR Calming Mask for 10-15 minutes on the face, neck and décolleté to clear excess oil and congestion and nourish areas of dryness.

DÉCAAR Calming Mask removes dead cells, invigorates the skin and leaves it with a replenished, clean and radiant complexion. It reduces inflammation and improves the blood circulation of the skin. The advanced formula revitalizes the skin from all sorts of damage including sun damage, excoriation, inflammatory dermatosis, including rosacea. This perfectly balanced mask even has calming effects on problematic skin types with eczemas or rashes, so it is suitable for the most sensitive skins.


Although you may not feel you need it, a light moisturizer will help balance natural oils while also hydrating and soothing. DÉCAAR Rebalancing Cream 24hr is great for congested skin types with its Coconut oilAlgelica Gigas and Epigallocatechin Gallate to help protect, moisturize, comfort and clear skin. Its biopolymers convert effectively sebum into invisible micro granules to ensure an anti-shine effect. This special moisturizer works perfectly as a supplement for an acne treatment, performed by your DÉCAAR skincare professional.