The effect of Oxygenation on the skin

Oxygen Line

Oxygen is essential to the health and maintenance of the skin cells as it is for any living tissue.  Skin that suffers from a lack of oxygen is dull, wrinkled, and has a buildup of metabolic waste and toxins. Some causes of declining oxygen levels in the skin are age, environmental factors, cigarette smoke, and stress. When the skin is properly oxygenated it becomes vibrant and retains a youthful glow, so you can use oxygen skincare products for skin rejuvenation.

Décaar offers oxygenation and revitalisation of the skin with the products of its Oxygen Line. Its active substance, Perfluorodecalin, delivers Oxygen to the skin and improves its vitality. Together with other ingredients, it contributes to cell repair and regeneration. The skin’s immune system is significantly improved and the cells are energised.

Décaar’s Oxygen line

  1. Oxygen SCRUB: Gel based exfoliator with Aloe barbadensis, Jojoba, perfluorodecalin to clean out the pores and providing extra oxygen and vitamins.
  2. Oxygen GEL: Energising recovery gel that helps the skin fight the free radicals, avoiding signs of premature ageing. Contains vitamins E and F. 
  3. Oxygen MASK: Calms, hydrates and restores all skin cell functions as it increases oxygen levels. Softens fine lines. Contains Argania spinosa kernel extract, a good source of antioxidant vitamin E. 
  4. Oxygen SERUM: Rejuvenates the skin with its Malus domestica fruit cell that delays deterioration of the cells and protects from the harmful UV rays.
  5. Energizing Eye Cream: Treats dark circles and puffiness under the eyes because it contains concentrated energy due to natural ingredients such as Horse chestnut, Arnica montana and its VTA liposome complex that contains microcollagen, vitamin C and rutin, a Citrus flavonoid that reduces wrinkles. 
  6. Oxygen HYDRO 24hr: the perfect soothing treatment for the replenishing phases after peeling, thanks to the synergy of the hydrating and revitalising effects of components like macadamia oil and squalane, a source of skin-replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants.
  7. Oxygen Cream SPF30: A high protective cream, with UV filters, that helps resist wrinkles and recover from the signs of everyday life.
  8. BB Oxygen Cream SPF50: A coloured sun cream that is quickly absorbed without any greasiness, leaving a refreshing, smooth skin. Its tone changes and adapts to the natural skin colour with natural light. Any freckles, blackheads or dark skin will lighten up.