The perfect cosmeceutical combo on the go

on the go

It is very important to clean your face every day to remove the dirt, germs, sebum and makeup residues that clog the pores. Even when you are on the go, you must find a practical way to clean your skin twice a day. It is the only way for moisturisers to penetrate your skin and give you that healthy look. The trick is to find a product that offers more than one benefit and combine it with at least one other that offers protection from the Sun and daily toxins.

Find a cleanser that serves multiple purposes

You might not have the time to spend on a multi-step cleansing routine every single day. For those occasions when you are travelling or if you are extra busy, it is a good idea to use a product that covers a few of the requirements of a good face-cleaning process.

Décaar’s Makeup remover micellar lotion not only uses a magnet-like technology to remove makeup easily, but it is an all-in-one smart cleansing product for all face areas. It is so gentle that can be used on the most delicate areas such as the eye contour. Once you wipe your face, including eyes and lips with a cotton pad moistened with the product, your skin is already toned and moisturised. Does not seem too hard of a task for a bedtime cleanse, even after a long and tiring day. If you must choose only one cleansing product to carry with you in your travels, let it be this one.

Combine it with a moisturiser and sunblock two-in-one

You should combine the cleanser with a moisturiser and a sunscreen lotion to make sure that you protect your skin while you enjoy your business or leisure trip or just face another busy day in your everyday environment. Décaar’s Oxygen Cream SPF30 or BB Oxygen Cream SPF50 are two great options in our Oxygen Line that cover moisturising, sunscreen and even give you a foundation effect.