Why choose Cosmeceuticals

Breath of life

Cosmeceuticals are products that work deeper than cosmetics by altering the functioning of the skin in order to treat conditions derived from exposure to air toxins and the effect of ageing. The word cosmeceutical was introduced in 1984 by dermatologist Dr Albert Kligman and is a combination of the words cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Why should you prefer Cosmeceuticals?

Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals will make your skin look better but not due to large molecules that stay on the surface. Cosmeceuticals are made of smaller molecules that have an effect on skin cell function. Sometimes you want to enhance the production of a substance like collagen, that keeps your skin firm and looking young. In other occasions, you might want to limit the production of substances like excess oil.

How to pick the best Cosmeceutical for you?

In Décaar we have made it simple for you to select the best product for your skin condition by focusing on four series:

  1. Oxygen Line to improve the vitality of your skin through deep hydration and increasing cell repair and regeneration
  2. Oily and Combination Skin, with a calming mask for irritated skin and a rebalancing cream, perfect as a supplement for acne treatment
  3. Brightening Line that reduces dark spots, prevents hyperpigmentation and reduces the signs of ageing
  4. Age Reverse products fight wrinkles by firming up and hydrating the skin while removing oiliness

Beauty made simple and natural

At Décaar our researchers work continuously to develop new cosmeceuticals with dermatologically proven results, away from animal testing, free from parabens and other harmful chemicals, following the feedback from qualified aestheticians who use our products.

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